Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our contact page to either send us an e-mail or find a telephone number for our London offices (open Monday to Friday 9-5)

Yes, you will receive an e-mail listing any gifts purchased and additional donations that you made.

Yes, you can add a donation to your order total when you checkout.

You can pay online using your credit or debit card. We cannot accept cash or cheque payments.

Currently this is not an option with e-mails sent to gift recipients within minutes of you checking out.

No, Children in Crisis virtual gifts is all done online, with e-cards sent to recipients’ e-mail addresses. If you did want to have something on paper we would suggest that you send the e-cards to your own e-mail address, and print the cards out from your computer.

No, you can fill your basket with as many gifts as you like. But it is one gift for one person i.e. If you want to buy two blackboards, one for Joe and one for Esther, then you will need to add a blackboard to your shopping basket, create an e-card for Joe. Then carry on shopping, again add a blackboard to the shopping basket, but this time create an e-card for Esther.

Buying a virtual gifts is simple. Use the website like you would any online store:

1) Add an item to a basket

2) You’re then taken through to a page where you make an e-card for that gift, entering the e-mail   address of the recipient as well as a message for them

3) You can then carry on shopping for further gifts or choose to pay and checkout.

4) Once the checkout process is complete e-mails are sent to the people you have bought gifts for which contain links through to the e-cards you have created for them.

When you buy someone a virtual gift you are effectively making a donation to Children in Crisis in their name.

> Our virtual gifts are perfect presents for people who would want to celebrate a special occasion by sharing it with others.

> They are perfect presents for those people who already have everything and are impossible to buy for.

> They are perfect presents for the environmentally conscientious, with everything done online and no paper involved.

> They are perfect last-minute gift purchases, as the e-card is sent within a matter of minutes.

The recipient of any gift that you buy will get an e-card sent to whatever e-mail address you specify. The e-card will have an image of the gift you have chosen, some text explaining how that item benefits people that we work with and of course a message from you.

Children in Crisis virtual gifts is a way that you can support our work by making donations, whilst at the same time sending gifts to friends or loved ones. Each of the gifts represent items or training that we provide in our current work in Afghanistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone or DR Congo.

These gifts are real examples of items and services we provide. however, they are used here to represent the way your gifts could be used, and we will use your donations where they are needed most


The money we raise through virtual gifts will go towards our general education programmes. Very importantly, it also provides us with the means to run our programmes efficiently which means building expert teams, working with local partners and communities.