1,250 Bricks in the Wall

1,250 Bricks in the Wall

Price: £20.00

When building new schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Children in Crisis uses bricks that have been made and fired either on or very close to the site of the new school. This generates income locally for those making the bricks on site and saves on transport costs making the bricks very good value indeed, costing just less than 2 pence each. £20 could help produce 1,250 of these bricks.

How does your gift help?

"I want to become a nurse, and thanks to this school, for the first time, I think it will be possible for me to achieve this. Asante Sana (Thank-you)’ – Esperance,  Mugorore Primary School, DRC"


With these bricks we build durable school buildings that are the pride of their communities. With 6 classrooms, a teacher’s office and a covered outdoor meeting area the schools can provide a place for up to 540 children to learn. The schools also act as a hub for the local communities, a place where meetings and adult education classes can be held after school hours. Put simply, these bricks build schools that transform the communities that they serve. Not just another brick in the wall.

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