A Blackboard

A Blackboard

Price: £10.00

A focal point for any class, an invaluable teaching aid for every teacher. With this gift you could equip a newly built classroom with a blackboard to be used and used again for countless school lessons to come.

How does your gift help?

You probably learned much of what you know from a teacher who chalked ideas, completely new to you onto a blackboard in a classroom.You may well have walked up to the front of that class, taken hold of some chalk and proudly showed off what you knew by drawing on that blackboard too.

Imagine your childhood lessons without a blackboard to use, or imagine being at the back of the classroom and trying to read what’s written on the scrap of a blackboard in the photo above. Lessons just wouldn’t work. Children in Crisis equips schools with big, wide blackboards at the front of every class, so that generations of children can see their lessons and ideas grow before their eyes.

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