Core Textbooks

Core Textbooks

Price: £15.00

Help a child learn the essentials. This gift could help provide a teacher in Liberia, Afghanistan or the Democratic Republic of Congo with language and maths textbooks. Books to help teach children core subjects which will prove invaluable throughout their lives.

How does your gift help?

Children in Crisis equips each school that we build with textbooks. For example, in the Democratic Republic of Congo we provide French and Maths textbooks, two core subjects on the national syllabus. These textbooks are the building blocks for these children’s education.

With a good grasp of maths these pupils can grow up to manage their finances, run businesses and ensure that they always get a good deal. French is the language of instruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the ability to speak, read and write in it, a huge number of new opportunities are opened to these children.


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