A Desk & Bench

A Desk & Bench

Price: £16.00

A solid bench to sit on and a steady desk to write at. This gift could help buy a well-built desk and bench for a classroom, letting children concentrate on their lessons without having to perch on seats made of sticks.

How does your gift help?

"In the old school the sticks we sat on made us tired. Now even our minds are comfortable because we are motivated with a good building” - Democratic Republic of Congo, Veicko aged 14


With scarce money and resources available, communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Liberia must equip their schools with simple and fragile seats made from the materials they have to hand. But try concentrating on anything whilst being sat on a rickety bench made of sticks, jostling for elbow room and having to perch your writing paper on your lap for hours at a time.

Children in Crisis equips the schools that it builds with durable wooden benches and desks, giving pupils a comfortable, solid seat and writing surface, freeing their minds to concentrate on their lessons.

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