Girl Power

Girl Power

Price: £50.00

Give girls and women a voice. This gift could help run a community workshop in remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, exploring and challenging the practice of early marriage and promoting the rights of girls to go to school. Children of mothers who are educated are 40% more likely to live beyond age 5 and are more likely to go to school themselves. Educate a girl and you educate a nation.

How does your gift help?

“I’ve been to the village workshop and they explained to me and the other girls that it was OK to say no if we did not feel ready to get married. I want to continue going to school and complete my education.”

Mugalinesa is a 13 year old girl from the south Kivu area of the Democratic Republic of Congo and she is staying on at school. If she hadn’t attended one of the community workshops held by Children in Crisis and our local partner Eben-Ezer MI she would now be married, perhaps a mother but certainly not continuing her education. In the remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo in which we work, twice as many boys attend school as girls. Most girls must stay and help at home, those lucky enough to go usually marry and leave school as young teenagers.

Our community workshops are held to spark discussions among parents and decision makers within the community about the compelling reasons for girls to be able to start and finish their education. Through discussion and debate traditional attitudes and barriers that prevent girls going to school are broken down. They represent safe forums in which women and their daughters are empowered to speak, and claim their right to education and equality.

Through these workshops we have seen 9% more girls enrol into school. Many of these girls will complete their schooling and become mothers who can in turn, teach their children to read and ensure that they too go to school. Educate a girl and you educate a nation.

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