Girls' Toilets

Girls' Toilets

Price: £850.00

A separate toilet for girls at school provides comfort and privacy that can make all the difference between a girl dropping out of school or continuing her education. This gift could help build separate girls’ and boys’ toilets at a new school in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Liberia

How does your gift help?

Children in Crisis works with our local partners Eben-Ezer MI to get girls educated in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Across the communities we work with, our projects have led to increases in girls enrolment into school by as much as 9%.

But it isn’t just about getting girls into school, we must make sure that they keep going back. The unfortunate truth is that many girls drop out from school due to reasons that could easily be prevented.

Take school toilets for example. For a teenage girl, having to share school toilets with boys can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience. Menstruation often becomes unnecessarily embarrassing and stressful, and can quite often be the reason that she stops coming to school.

By taking such simple steps as providing a separate toilet block for girls in the schools that we build we can help to remove the barriers to girls completing their education. Simple steps but massive gains.

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