Lighten Up - 29 Windows

Lighten Up - 29 Windows

Price: £1,600.00

Children in Crisis works in an extremely remote area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there is no electrical lighting. This gift could help buy 29 windows, the number that are usually fitted when building a whole new school. Let natural light flood into the classrooms.

How does your gift help?

‘Before, the old school had holes in the walls. There were no windows. The rain entered in every direction. It was terrible.’ -  Nyamarendo Jeane, Bijojo Village, DRC



In many of the old schools that Children in Crisis replaces there are no windows. Sometimes the holes in the roof or walls let in some light, but usually it’s far too dark in classrooms for children to see or learn properly.

Children in Crisis installs plenty of windows in every classroom that it builds. These not only let light in so that children are able to read but also protect them from the often cold and wet climate of the plateau in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Perspex, not glass is used in the windows, which withstands the long and often bumpy transport up to the remote villages . Like much of what we build, simple, but effective.

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