An Oven

An Oven

Price: £120.00

This gift could help provide an oven for a women’s co-operative in Liberia. Graduates of the pastry-making course that we teach in our Vocational Training Centre often form co-operatives so that they can pool their resources and run businesses together. These women are empowered, and can provide for themselves and their families.

How does your gift help?

“After I have got my skills from the pastry class I want to go back to school… I can be selling bread so I can buy my uniform, shoes and pay my school fees. I will not have to drop because of school fees”. – Josephine Vah, Liberia

Josephine is 19 years old, a mother, and a student of the pastry-making course that is taught in our Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Liberia. When Josephine graduates she will be able to form a co-operative and share the use of an oven provided by Children in Crisis. Josephine can then bake and sell bread, and put the money that she earns to great use, be it feeding and clothing her child or paying for herself to go back to school. The new independence and opportunity that women gain by attending the VTC is priceless.

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