A Sewing Machine

A Sewing Machine

Price: £39.00

This gift could help provide a sewing machine for a women’s co-operative in Liberia. Graduates of the tailoring course that we provide in our Vocational Training Centre often form co-operatives so that they can pool their resources and run businesses. These women are empowered, and can provide for themselves and their families.

How does your gift help?

I’m here to help my family. Before I was at home doing nothing, I knew nothing, but now I am proud because I can make my clothes for me and others” - Martha Dickson, Tailoring Student, Liberia


Martha is a student from the tailoring course that we offer at the Vocational Training Centre. She’s a mother who heard about the centre and was immediately keen to attend so that she can help her children. After the course finishes Martha hopes to share a sewing machine with others from the tailoring class so that they can make clothes and she can earn some money to buy her own machine. She’d like to get a tailoring shop with others from the course where people will come to buy clothes. This will extend her learning even more, in her own words: “we want to continue because we haven’t learnt it all yet”.

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