A Trained Teacher

A Trained Teacher

Price: £131.00

An education from a well-trained teacher can change the course of a child’s life. Children in Crisis trains teachers who’ve never had any formal training before so that they can use more engaging teaching methods which put children right at the centre of the learning process. This gift could help train one such teacher.

How does your gift help?

In the remote regions in which Children in Crisis works there is a severe shortage of trained teachers. Many have often fled due to past conflict and those that remain have usually had no formal training, often possessing only a primary level of education themselves.As a result, children receive a level of education that is failing them, and so they risk remaining in the same cycles of conflict and poverty that have devastated the country before them.

Children in Crisis trains teachers so that they can give engaging and inspiring lessons. We make sure that these teachers are properly educated in the subjects that they will be teaching. We also tailor the curriculum to the local requirements, providing health or peace education when it’s needed.

The end result is infectiously energetic teachers like the one in the video above who can go on to help thousands of children to have the best possible start in life.

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