A Watertight Roof

A Watertight Roof

Price: £12.00

With a watertight school roof, children are kept warm and dry, protecting them from dangerous respiratory infections. This gift could help buy metal roofing sheets to be installed when building a new school, allowing lessons to carry on whatever the weather.

How does your gift help?

Before, in the old school, we didn’t learn; the building was in such terrible condition that we couldn’t study. To now stand here in front of the new school which has a roof and good foundations makes me happy. We cannot thank you enough.’ - Sarah (age 14) Mugorore School, DRC

The video above shows exactly the kind of old school building that Sarah was referring to, with gaping holes in the roof through which the often heavy rains of the Democratic Republic of Congo would fall, putting an immediate stop to the children’s lessons. Children in Crisis worked with our local partners to replace Sarah’s old school with a new one, built with a solid, watertight roof. Now the school children are kept warm and dry and their lessons can carry on uninterrupted by the weather.

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