What You Give With a Gift

By purchasing a virtual gift from Children in Crisis you are helping us to protect children from exploitation, to build safe schools, to train teachers and to ensure that every child, girl and woman is treated with equal respect.

The money we raise through virtual gifts will go towards our general education programmes. Very importantly, it also provides us with the means to run our programmes efficiently which means building expert teams, working with local partners and communities. We cannot stress enough this vital part of our work which leads to results and the ability to put more children into school in the first place.

Children in Crisis specifically chooses to work in places where few other organisations tread - areas affected by conflict or political instability such as Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This means at all times that our projects must be adaptable to the complex and often dangerous environments where we work and always in a way that benefits children.

By supporting us through virtual gifts we can be flexible and sensible about allocating vital funds to wherever the need is greatest. So not only does your gift help with the bricks and mortar, and the books and pencils, but it also helps us to provide robust, efficiently-run and effective education programmes which truly make lasting changes to children’s lives.

For every individual gift you see on this website, we share some inspiring stories and examples of exactly how your gift helps children and their communities -- please click here for an example